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Inhouse / Jobb / Content manager (English Speaking) to SIWI

Great opportunity

World Water Week is unique in that its program is usually created by “convenors” – session organizers – SIWI is organizing the program to cater for all the proposed sessions. Up to 600 organizations, ranging from big UN bodies such as UNICEF, to multilateral organizations, such as the World Bank, city and state representatives, and big and small NGO:s are represented as convenors (session organizers). Some of the private sector companies engaged in World Water Week are heavily engaged in water already, such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Xylem and Grundfos.

The position

You will belong to the World Water Week Communications team. In the team, you have access to resources such as writers, video editors, design etc to back you up, but you are expected to be skilled in copy writing and knowledgeable in InDesign, Photoshop and social media tools for publishing, sponsoring, and analyzing.

SIWI are acquiring support from a digital agency that will assist in social media distribution, but we need you to define, draft and create the needed content.

We are now looking for a Content Manager with absolute proficiency in both written and spoken English, to:
- Set up a content plan for World Water Week channels aligning with the set communication concept for World Water Week.
- Create content for social media marketing of World Water Week
- Drive growth in World Water Week channels
- Drive registration to World Water Week
- In discussion with our partners’ communication staff and our partner project managers; create partner outreach plans.
- Draft, project manage and create outreach collaterals, such as videos, blog posts, news items, social media posts, and newsletters in order to manage the delivery of the visibility benefits for our partners.
- Manage and oversee partner visibility across the World Water Week platform, with guidance from the partnership manager.
- Compile statistics for reporting back to partners and World Water Week overall.
- Create and coordinating an impact report.

You will also work in close collaboration with our partner project managers, headed by our partnership responsible manager.

The ideal candidate

We believe you are a strategic doer; i.e; able to create plans and execute on them. You are fast, timely, and used to independent project management – and used to handling external stakeholders. Further more you are fluent in english, both written and spoken and you have great skills in the Adobe Suite and you are of course skilled in the social media landscape.

About the company

Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI – are every year arranging “World Water Week” –held in the last week of August. WWWWeek usually draws 4000 participants from 130 countries – many of them returning from year to year. In 2021, we are going all in on our virtual platform.


This is a full-time assignment. We expect you to start as soon as possible, and no later than June 1st. You will work fulltime until September 30th, with two weeks possible holidays at the end of July.
Apply as soon as poosible since we are reviewing applications on a daily basis.</p

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