Inhouse Network

Thanks to the Inhouse network and the many years of experience of our business areas on the part of the staff, we’re seen as a partner rather than as a supplier of services for the recruitment process. We spend time with our candidates, work with them, talk to them and monitor their development. This places us in a position to always offer the right person for the right position.
The Inhouse network is one of the strongest in the business, so dynamic that it’s constantly attracting new jobseekers.

Apply for a job

The best way to find a new job is to sit back and let the job find you. As a member of our strong network, your skills will be listed and we’ll be able to contact you quickly when a job comes up that’d suit you.
An big advantage of allowing us to look for a job for you is that we have no specific “pigeonholes” to use for recruitment and staffing. As far as you’re concerned, this means you can work for us as a consultant while we’re actually looking for a permanent position for you.


Our expertise

With People Management Inhouse creates effective solutions for human resources, based on our clients’ objectives, strategies and other business conditions, identifying and engaging the expertise or other measures necessary to achieve the desired results.

Other important aspects of People Management is our quality that ensures high quality and maximum mission effectiveness in our mission. Our aim is to always deliver high creativity, commitment and responsiveness for each specific task.